Blank Space…

I tried so hardNot todayBut for many daysMonths have passed byYet I am still unableTo wield the quillTo pour my heartOn the blank spaceLeft unoccupiedIts not like my mind is offIts full of nervesLike large fluctuationsOn a calm surfaceFull of diversified thoughtsBut to no availAs the spaceIs still leftUnperturbedI tried so hardFor time has passed... Continue Reading →

Harder to reach…

To expect that You receive the way you give Is full of loopholes That you fail to see Owing to your own clueless entity As even if they try to understand They can never truly accept Because of individual way Of perception and rationality Except for the ones capable of Diversification and simplicity You will... Continue Reading →

Blank Space….

I tried so hard Not today But for many days Months have passed by Yet I am still unable To wield the quill To pour my heart On the blank space Left unoccupied Its not like my mind is off Its full of nerves Like large fluctuations On a calm surface Full of diversified thoughts... Continue Reading →

Unexpected turns of life…

Sometimes, it suddenly feels like the world has turned upside down. And you wonder, what just happened? How did it happen? You are left with a tornado of thoughts swirling inside your stressed mind. And you try to search for every possible reasons where it might've gone wrong. You are covered with fear and sweat.... Continue Reading →

Happy Women’s Day 🎉

P.C.:- Google Images To all the beautiful ladies out there, "Wishing you a wonderful Women's Day" in dedication for all your hard work and efforts... The theme for IWD -2021 is "Choose to challenge". Challenge everything and anything that you want, because with challenge, comes change... Challenge to grow forward, aim to soar higher, climb... Continue Reading →

Toshali Mela, Bhubaneswar

Toshali Mela, Bhubaneswar The 15th Toshali National Crafts Mela has been inaugurated virtually by Hon'ble Chief Minister of the state, Shri Naveen Patnaik on January 21st at Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Toshali National Crafts Mela is held annually by Department of Textile and Handicrafts, Govt. Of Odisha. Artisans, weavers, sculptors all around the country participate in the... Continue Reading →

Those times…

Those times When you are completely exhausted Your legs, arms, entire body Feel like throbbing, sore at every place Its as if the entirety is on fire Yet you are full of spirit To do the things You still wanted to do To water the plants that you nurture To listen to your favourite music... Continue Reading →

Why people feel sad?

When I am at office and there are less works to do, I end up having various conversations with my colleagues. So today my shift started at 2PM. As lunch time was just over, so everyone was a little laid back and were resting. So, we started chit chatting. Like how I had a family... Continue Reading →

Gutsy mind…

"Stay gutsy in life. Whatever you do, be ready to face everything head on. Because in life, overcoming your fears will make you grow forward and beyond....". _____Kaya

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